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April 10, 2013 Comments to Proposed Rule 155.505


January 10, 2013 Texas Chiropractic Association Goals for the 83rd Legislative Session


December 7, 2012 Felton v. Lovett


November 2, 2012 Comments to Proposed Designated Doctor Plan Based Audit


September 12, 2012 Comments to Proposed URA Plan Based Audit


August 16, 2012 Comments to Proposed URA Rules


June 6, 2012 Comments to Informally Proposed new Chapter 180 Rules


June 4, 2012 Comments to Rule Review 150.1-150.3


January 6, 2012 Comments to the Development of the

                           CY 2012 Medical Quality Review Annual Audit Plan


December 2, 2011 Comments to Proposed Employer Notification Rule


November 21, 2011 Comments to the Informally proposed TDI-DWC Chapter 127 rules


October 24, 2011 Comments to Proposed TDI-DWC Chapter 180 rules


March 11, 2010 Second Update on TMA v. TBCE


March 11, 2010 Update on TMA v. TBCE


February 23, 2010 TDI Budget Reduction Plan


January 15, 2010 Texas Medical Association 


December 21, 2009  Aaron Garner et al v BP Amoco Chemical Co et al.


February 16, 2009  Texas Mutual Insurance Company v Ruttiger


February 11, 2009 Texas Medical Board Rule Changes


February 10, 2009 Lawyer Guilty of Insurance Fraud


February 4, 2009 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame  


January 6, 2009 Senate Bill No. 394


December 31, 2008 TDI Commissioner Bulletin B-0076-008


December 17, 2008 Senate Bill No. 378


December 5, 2008 Healthcare Fraud


November 21, 2008 TDI Commissioner Bulletin B-0075-008


November 14, 2008 Penal Code Prosecution


October 23, 2008 Stop-Loss Exception


October 20, 2008 DWC Staff Changes


October 20, 2008 HWCN Newsletter


October 20, 2008 Third Party Administrator Proposed Rules


October 17, 2008 Texas Medical Board Rule Proposal


October 16, 2008 Gubernatorial Appointment


October 15, 2008 Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners Proposed Rule


October 14, 2008 Self Insurance Group Rules



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